LaneChanger is a set of online video modules organized as “a conversation with Schuyler.” The series is modeled after Schuyler's hundreds of on-stage sessions and can be used in a self-guided fashion or as a Certificate of Completion course – where students must “pass” all included quizzes to validate their completion of the material.


LaneChanger allows anyone to have a similar learning experience to Schuyler's in-person sessions and is age-appropriate for people from middle school on up.


At its heart, LaneChanger is a diversity and inclusion learning experience about gender and transgender topics and is designed to combat ignorance and discrimination.

Schuyler uses personal anecdotes, detailed references and his own humanity to invite the viewer into the conversation and see their shared humanity in the process.


He does this in three ways:

1)      He introduces the viewer to at least one real trans person: himself.

2)      He explains some basic (and not so basic) concepts about gender, trans people and inclusion.

3)      He shares his intimate (and sometimes uncomfortable) experience and insights on over 40 related questions and topics.

A downloadable overview of LaneChanger - including sample topics - can be found here.

A full list of LaneChanger topics can be found here.


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