How do schools and teams use LaneChanger?

Using LaneChanger

Schools and Teams use LaneChanger in several ways:

1)      Faculty and staff awareness –This can (but does not have to) include the use of the Certificate Course, to ensure completion and comprehension of the material. Staff are also often invited to a group session following the completion of the modules to discuss reactions, local impacts, organizational and individual allyship and next steps.

2)      Facilitated group sessions –This can be useful for educators who want to explore either a specific set of topics and/or want to use the conversational dynamic as a learning accelerator. In this mode, the group alternates between viewing specific modules and facilitated group discussions and/or breakouts.

3)      Athlete and athletic administrator/coaches’ awareness education. LaneChanger is a perfect tool for introducing gender literacy, respectful language and inclusive practices in athletics – whether as part of a required orientation, as part of your programmatic team enrichment offerings or as an intervention resource as needed.

4)      Parent enrichment. Schools and teams can extend the use of LaneChanger to parents* which can further reinforce concepts and behaviors. (*depending on purchased subscription).

5)      As part of a campus-wide program. In this mode, students, staff and sometimes parents are given access to LaneChanger to use at their own pace, in full.


At the middle school level, many schools include reading Schuyler’s novel Obie is Man Enough as a companion piece to the learning series.


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