Sample run-of-show

Using LaneChanger


Ice breaker – optional (Schuyler on Ellen)

Host introductory comments

·      Why are we here and what are we trying to accomplish?

·      What are we going to do?


START of LaneChanger MODULES

·      Introduction Module

·      Terminology Module



·      Why are pronouns important? What is misgendering/deadnaming?

·      Aren't they/them pronouns for a single person grammatically incorrect?

·      How is biological sex not binary



1.      What is a respectful way to meet someone new?

2.      What happens when someone addresses you, your dog or your sibling with the wrong pronouns?



·      What does "cis" mean?

·      What is Gender Dysphoria?

·      What is the gender binary?

·      Can you explain sexuality vs. gender identity?



1.      Is your gender a choice?

2.      Is your sexuality a choice?



·      How did your parents, your family, your friends react when you came out?

·      How did you come out to your Korean grandparents?

·      How did your teammates react?



1.      Have you ever felt uncomfortable telling a family member something about yourself or your identity?

2.      What does belonging feel like?



·      What are common misconceptions about trans people?

·      How do I deal with a parent who rejects their child's transness?

·      How do you respond to religious criticism?

·      How do you deal with hatred and bigotry



1.      Have you ever experienced bigotry or discrimination yourself or against someone else?

2.      What did you do?


·      Why are gender neutral bathrooms important?

·      What are your thoughts about people who are uncomfortable with trans people in bathrooms?



1.      Who else benefits from single stall bathrooms?

2.      Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a bathroom? Why?


KIDS / Optional

·      Should we talk about gender with kids?

·      What are some of the questions kindergarteners ask you?

·      Is being transgender just a phase?

·      Are kids too young to know they're transgender?


SPORTS / Optional

·      What to say to parents that protest trans athletes?

·      Do you think the inclusion of trans girls in girls' sports is fair?

·      What if I am a trans ally, I just don't think it's fair for trans athletes to play?

·      What if an athlete is resistant to trans athletes?

·      What would you tell a resistant official?

·      What can I do to make my team more inclusive?



·      How can I be an ally?

·      What is 'cisgender' and why should I use this label if I'm not transgender?

·      How can a workplace better support LGBTQ+ folks?

·      What if someone tells me they're trans?

·      What should I do if someone calls me transphobic?




What about Schuyler’s story surprised you or changed your perspectives?



How have you seen or experienced misconceptions, personal biases and/or prejudices limit, RESTRICT or MODIFY your behavior or the behavior or rights of others?



What concrete action can you take to create a more inclusive, open and accepting environment for yourself and others?


Is there something you want others to know and respect about your journey, your struggles, your perspectives, your dreams?


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