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Gender Literacy and DEI Inclusion Training


 Schuyler’s Introduction and story

An overview of critical terminology

Basic topics

·      Why are pronouns important? What is misgendering-deadnaming?

·      Aren't they/them pronouns grammatically incorrect?

·      How is sex not binary?

·      How does dating work?

·      What happens when you take testosterone?

·      What's in your pants?

·      Can you have kids?

·      What does "cis" mean?

·      What is Gender Dysphoria?

·      What is the gender binary?

·      Sexuality vs Gender Identity?


·      How did your parents, your family, your friends react when you came out?

·      How did you come out to your Korean grandparents?

·      How did your teammates react?

·      How does your mixed race Asian American identity impact your experience?

Personal reflections

·      What was residential treatment for your eating disorder like?

·      Do you ever regret your decision?

·      How were you treated differently after transitioning?

Challenging situations

·      How do you deal with people who are unsupportive?

·      What are common misconceptions about trans people?

·      How do I deal with a parent who rejects their child's transness?

·      What to say to parents that protest trans athletes?

·      How do you respond to religious criticism?

·      How do you deal with hatred and bigotry?

·      But what about de-transitioners?

·      Why are gender neutral bathrooms important?

·      What are your thoughts about people who are uncomfortable with trans people in bathrooms?

·      Were trans people born in the wrong body?


·      Should we talk about gender with kids?

·      What are some of the questions young folks and kindergarteners ask you?

·      Is being transgender just a phase?

·      Is my kid too young to know they're transgender?


·      Do you think the inclusion of trans girls in girls' sports is fair?

·      Is there a middle ground?

·      What if an athlete is resistant to trans athletes?

·      What would you tell a resistant official?

·      What can I do to make my team more inclusive?


·      How can I be an ally?

·      What is 'cisgender' and why should I use this label if I'm not transgender?

·      How can a workplace better support LGBTQ plus folks?

·      What if someone tells me they're trans?

·      What should I do if someone calls me transphobic?


The Self-Guided version includes 44 modules and questions.

The “Certificate” version includes 36 required modules for certification.  

Modules are usually a few minutes long and range from under a minute to as long as 6 minutes. The introduction is 16 minutes.

The overall run-time for the VIDEOS for Self-Guide version is 98 minutes.

This does not include answering the quizzes or reviewing the resource material.

There are additional resources included for many of the modules. This includes links to supporting reference documents and further detail from Schuyler’s website or other partner sources (the NCAA, the ACLU, GLAAD, etc.)

The Self-Guided version is often used for self-directed paths through the material. The platform does not allow an organization to create a self-curated path – but you can include a list of recommended modules in the introduction email you send participants ( with their Access Link, etc.).


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